Fundo Escuro

That's Against the Law

In almost every country in the world there are some strange or even ridiculous laws. 
Read the laws and answer the questions.

1- Sailors were not allowed to whistle on ships at sea. This is because people used to believe that whistling would bring high winds and danger to the ship.

2- On the XVIII  century in Japan, it was against the law for any citizen to leave the country. Anyone who was found leaving the country or arriving from the sea without permission was sentenced to death.
(Veja a pagina Numeros Romanos para entender XVIII e outros)

3- In Russia in the eighteenth century, it was against the law for any man to wear a beard unless he paid a special tax.

4- In 1949, in Illinois, USA, bird lovers tried to pass a law to keep cats on a leach in public. However the governor refused to pass the law. He said the problem of cats against birds was as old as time itself. If we favor birds, then we would have to decide between dogs and cats or even birds and worms.

5 - In New York City dog owners who walk their dogs in public are required by law to clean up after their pet. Before the law was passed in 1978, over forty million pounds of dog waste were left on the city's streets each year.

6 - It's against the law to drive an automobile, or any other motor vehicle except tractors, on the island of Sark in the English Channel. Most of the people there use bicycles for transportation.

7 - In Venice, Italy, many people travel through the canals on gondolas. The law requires gondolas to be painted in black, except those belonging to high government officials.

Find in the laws above words that mean: (encontre nas leis acima palavras que significam:)

Having consent to do something

Money collected by the government.

An animal that lives with people.

A rope or a chain used to control an animal.

People who are office masters.

Excluding,or, not included in

A man who works in a ship .

Some words to help you:(entre parenteses a pronuncia figurada)

Sailor (seilor) = marinheiro
Law (L) = Lei
Beard (bird) = barba
Required (rikuai erdi)= Requerido,exigido
Pounds (paunds)= Libras(pso equivalente a aproximadamente 454 gramas)