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                                        Cellular Phones

Read the text and answer the questions.
Leia o texto e responda as perguntas.
According to Wireless Advisor a cellular phone is the most familiar wireless device to phone users. It’s called “cellular” because the system uses many base stations to divide a service area into multiple ”cells”. Phone calls are transferred from base station to base station as the user moves from cell to cell.
The first idea and concept of cellular phones began in 1947 (yes! as early as that), when researchers realized that using cells it was possible to make an incredible improvement in mobile phone performance. This is because the same channels are available in each cell. It means the channels are repeated but as they work in different cells there is no interference between them.
In the 60’s mobile phones were very expensive and difficult to use. They depended on an operator’s help and many times the user had to wait a long time for a free channel to talk.
By 1977 ,AT&T and Bell Labs constructed a prototype cellular system. An year later, public trials of the new system were started in Chicago with over 200 trial customers. In 1979 the first commercial cellular telephone system began to operate in Tokyo, Japan.
In 1981, Motorola and American Radio Telephone started a second U.S. cellular radio system test on Baltimore area in Washington State.
Finally in 1982 the FCC authorized commercial cellular service in the USA. An year after in Chicago the first analog cellular service was available.
It took 37 years since the first idea, to cellular service become commercial in the USA, despite the huge demand. It’s one of the fastest growing markets today and by 1987 there were already more than one million subscribers in the USA and the channels were always crowded.
Today in many countries, including Brazil, cellular service is more and more necessary to modern lifestyle.
Through a cell phone you can communicate with the whole world, depending on the service you subscribe. You can send and receive text messages, photos and download things from the Internet. You can choose tone rings among thousands of songs and sounds, and just download them straight to our phone.
It's beginning to be tested a new function for cell phones.
Today it is possible to make transferences of money from and to your bank account using your cellular phone.
Modern cell phones have memory for hundreds of telephone numbers making the use of an agenda something from the past.
What about you? Can you live without a cell phone? Or you just “don’t give a dime” for them?
Anyway, cell phones are here to stay and will be for many years one of the fastest growing communication fields in the world.
Answer the questions with TRUE" or "FALSE" according to the text.

1- Cell phones are a very recent idea.

2-Using cells make it possible to repeat channels without problems.

3-In the beginning cell phones were very expensive.

4- The first commercial cellular system was in the USA.

5- It took a long time to start commercial cellular systems in USA.

6- In 2006 a new service will be tested for cell phones.

7- It's impossible to access the web with a cell phone.

8- Cell Phone is one of the fastest growing communication fields.