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          Is chocolat good or bad for your health?                 

Chocolate has got a bad reputation over the years has being harmful to our health, but it really isn't, experts say.
Here are some common myths about chocolate and the facts behind them.

Myth: Chocolate causes cavities.
Fact: Not so.
Normal consumption of milk chocolate, especially at meals, does not cause an increase in cavities. Research at the Forsyth Dental Center in Boston, Massachusetts, has shown that chocolate has the ability to offset the acid-producing potential of the sugar it contains. Acid is believed to damage tooth enamel and cause decay.

Myth: Chocolate causes acne.
Fact: No, it doesn't .
And it doesn't aggravate acne either. Studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and the U.S.Naval Academy both showed that chocolate has no effect on acne.

Myth: Chocolate milked is bad for children.
Fact: That's false.
It actually furnishes more zinc, potassium and iron than plain milk- and it's no more likely to cause tooth decay than plain milk.

Myth: Chocolate adds a lot of sugar to children's diets.
Fact: No, it doesn't. 
Researchers at Michigan State University found that chocolate and other confections accounted for less than 3% of the total sugar of children aged 5 through 12.

Myth: Many people are allergic to chocolate.
Fact: Chocolate allergies are rare.
In one study, researchers found only one patient out of 500 was allergic to chocolate.

Myth: chocolate contains a lot of caffeine.
Fact: No, it doesn't.
An eight-ounce serving of chocolate milk contains only 5 to 7,5 milligrams of caffeine and a one-ounce milk chocolate bar contains only 6 milligrams of caffeine - about the same amount of caffeine in a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Myth: chocolate is an aphrodisiac.
Fact: That's false.
This popular belief arose from speculation by researchers that phenyl ethylamine- substance found in chocolate and found in the brains of people in love- produces a feeling of romantic euphoria.


Ref:"New Facts,New Statistics"- The Denver Time,1999.  
Some words to help you

myth = mito,lenda
bad rep = má reputação (abreviação informal de "bad reputation")
tooth enamel = esmalte do dente
arise = surgir (no texto "arouse = surgiu")
brain = cérebro
at meals = ás refeicões
experts = especialistas
harmful to your health = prejudicial á saúde
cavity / decay = cárie dentária
research = pesquisa
plain milk = leite puro
belief= crença

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Answer the questions with "True" or "False" according to the text.

1- Chocolate is aphodisiac.

2- Chcolate causes acne.

3- Alergy to chocolate is very rare.

4- Chocolate contains little caffeine.

5- Chocolate is bad for children.