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                                                                                   Are we civilized?                                                         

Being civilized is much more then just living in cities, having computers at home or cell phones in our pockets.
To be civilized is above all to know how to live in peace with our neighbors and peers. Many people are not still ready to live in community. They are selfish and have no politeness. Unfortunately last week I found some of those people. The case is this:

I went to the theatre and I knew it was one of those plays you have to watch from the beginning to understand.
I wanted to watch that play very much, so I sat there quietly (veja Adverbios)trying to listen to every word they were saying.
People usually respect theater plays because the actors and actresses are right in front of them and any noise can disturb the artists.
But right behind me there was a young couple talking all the time and making a lot of noise. I tried to make them shut up by using my hands but they didn't even look at me. After some time I got very angry and told them:
 "With all the noise you are doing I can't hear a word!" - the young man rudely answered:
 " It's none of your business. This is a private conversation".   (veja Expressões Idiomaticas) 

I just changed my seat  to avoid a fight because I wanted to kill that &%&##&!

My reaction made me realize I am not as civilized as I intended to be.
What about people like them? Are they civilized to live in society? What about me?
I think we all still have a long way to walk and a lot of things to learn.
In the end I didn't understand the play but that made me think a lot.
You know? Being civilized is much more than having top technology. 
It's a matter of controlling our impulses and make our good side grow. 
An ancient Greek philosopher once said: "Know yourself". He was right.
After all, this is the way we learn and improve ourselves.
Human nature hasn't changed in more than 2500 years, it seems.
If you think about life at work you will certainly find some examples of bad behavior, power abuse and injustice practiced by company leaders against workers.
Maybe you've already thought of killing the guy or, at least, do everything you can to put a stone in his way. 
Competition for power is not only stupid but also dangerous to your heart and general health. 
It gives the guy high stress levels, increases  blood pressure and can give him a "beautiful" heart attack.
Maybe he dies or stays at home in bed for ever.
If you think something like: "F*** him! He's no good anyway" - than you are not better than him.
 You are just in a different position, don't you think so?

Be happy !

And civilized if you can.


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This small page was motivated by a conversation with a private student we have in a company.