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Many people believe that history repeats itself from time to time.
Many events seem to give them a good reason to think like that.

After reading these extraordinary coincidences between Abraham Lincoln and J.F Kennedy lives,
maybe you believe it too.

(see also Expressions)


Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the USA in 1860.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was elected in 1960.

Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy.

JFKs secretary was called Lincoln .

Both presidents were shot in the back of the head.

Both were with their wives at the time.

Both were assassinated on a Friday.

Lincoln s killer, John Booth, and JFKs killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, were both from the South in their 20s.

John Booth shot Lincoln while he was sitting on a theater and then hid in a warehouse.

JFK was shot from a warehouse, and Oswald was found  hiding in a theater.

Lincoln was succeeded by Andrew Johnson who was born in 1808.

JFK was succeeded by Lyndon Johnson who was born in 1908.

JFK was riding a Lincoln car when he was shot.

Isnt that too much coincidence?



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