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Depression- a real disease

At any given moment, up to five percent of the population in the United States is depressed. Twice as many women report the illness as men.And the incidence of depression has been rising.
People born since the 1940s are more likely to report a depression than who were born early. While depression can be a dreadful disease, it is easly treated. Let untreated, a major depression lasts at least six months. But today most depressives can begin recovering within a few weeks, thank to new technics and a better understanding of the disease.
A tendency to depression is not a weakness. Scientists theorize that depression is caused by na imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Still, depression can affect anybody.Stress is often provoked by stressful life events, but it can also be caused by positive news like a promotion.
Not surprisingly feeling depressed is one of the two major symptons. Some other symptons include: a big increase or loss of weight, sleeplesness or overspeeling, fatigue, slowed body movements , inability to concentate and thoughts of death.
The biggest problem facing most patients is waiting to see the effects of treatment. If the depression is mild to moderate, you fare well with antidepressant medication or to short-term psychoterapy. If the treatment you start doesn’t begin working whitin eight weeks, your doctor may start or change medications.

“Medicine Report” , in Health News Magazine

Some words to help you:

untreated = sem tratamento
more likely= mais provavel
weakness = fraquesa
increase = aumento
dreadful = terrível sleeplessness = insônia    
mild = leve

Did you understand the text? Now answer the questions as ""Truth" or "False"
Entendeu o texto?
Responda as perguntas com "Truth" (verdadeiro) or "False" (falso)

1- Depression is something of imagination only.

2- Depression is dificult to treat and cure.

3- Tendency to depression is not a weakness and it's real.

4- Depression will never affect everybody.

5- Depression may make a person think about suicide.