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                                                    I Love My Pet

People and animals have lived together for many centuries. The ancient Egyptians used to have cats and dogs in their homes. There was even a god with a cat head. In the beginning dogs were helpers for hunting. Human beings took advantage of dog's natural instinct to live in groups, the pack instinct, and giving the dog a special training it was, and it still is a valuable hunting helper. Police use specially trained dogs to search for drugs. Other dogs are the "eyes" of blind people. Other animals that live with humans are horses, cows, many birds, and even fish. Today animals are not so important for hunting or as shepherds controlling sheep and cattle herds, something dogs do with great pleasure. Nowadays people like pets, which means animals that live in people's houses. Many solitaire people have dogs as companions and if a person treats well a dog it will be faithful forever. It's said that "a dog is the man's best friend" . That's really truth because if a dog likes you it doesn't matter for it if you are rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, intelligent or stupid. The dog just likes you the way you are with no demands except a friendly tap on the head, good food and a warm place to sleep. But dogs are not the only pet people like. A couple in Germany has an eel pet. Many people like cats or fish or birds. It doesn't matter what animal you like it's more and more important to have a pet nowadays. People live in big cities usually in apartments and many people live alone. For these a pet will be a company, a living creature that will give back unconditional love and take care of their house when they are out. Living alone is umbearable for many people and a pet is always a pleasant company. 

A pet needs some care and attention specially dogs that usually sees his master as a kind of god, or at least the chief of his pack. Before you decide to have a pet make sure you understand the creature's nature and behavior. Remember that despite living in your house with you, an animal keeps its instincts and if you don't understand it you may have problems with your pet. After you know all the available pet animals you can decide which is the best for you. Dogs need to be with people most of the time but cats are more independent and can stay alone for longer periods.
Choose your pet and be happy with it. Maybe in a few weeks you can say too: "I love my pet"

Answer "True" or "False" according to the text:
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1- Pack instinct is what makes dogs like group life.

2- A dog likes you no matter who you are.

3- Cats and dogs are equivalent pets.

4- You don't need to understand the animal to have a pet.

5- An animal behavior can be predicted most of the time.

6- Cats are more independent than dogs.

7- The only animals people have as pets are dogs and cats.