Plural Exercises

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There are some mistakes in the sentences.Please correct them

H alguns erros na frases.Por favr corrija-os. ( na resposta a correção aparecerá em letras maiusculas)

1- There was a woman and two mans in that car.

2-Cows and oxes like to eat grass.

3-David has three childs.

4-John and Peter are my friends.They is student too.

5-I know many persons in this city.

6- Susan hates mouses.She is afraid of them.

Quero dar uma olhada em Plurals

7-Ibirapuera is a beautiful park with a lot of tree.

8- Every morning I like to brush my tooths.

9- I went fishing yesterday and I caught a lot of fishes.

10- Is there many girl in your classroom?

11- I just love eating roastbeef with potatos.

12- It's not difficult to answer these quizz.

Change the following sentences to plural.
Mude as frases seguintes para o plural
1- The knife is next to the plate.

2- The soup dish is on the dinner table now.

3- Helen's new dress is very pretty.

4-The buss stops at this corner.

5 - The beer box is empty.

6 - The class begins at 9 o'clock.

7- The window glass is broken.

The watch you gave me works very well.

8- That salesman is very polite.

9- The key is on the office desk.

10- The books is on the table (Oh no!Esse exemplo de novo??!!!).