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                                One of the most important inventions

If someone asks: ” What was the most important invention of all times?” 
Many people would say: ”the fire” but that was not an invention it was a discovery.
Or maybe the steam machine, or the Railroads.
We think you will agree when we say it was the wheel.

Next step after the wheel was the gear (see picture above) that made it possible the creation of complex machines which changed the world for ever.
Have you already stopped to think how many wheels are there in your life? From the wrist watch to the engine of car or an airplane there are thousands of wheels and gears in our world.
Before the wheel it was almost impossible to transport big loads from one place to another. People had to do many journeys carrying things little by little. After man controlled horses the transportation improved but was still very slow. One day, nobody knows when or who did it, was created the first wheel. Maybe it was an accident, or maybe a development of the log put under the load to make it easier to drag it.

Anyway, the first wheel was born and it was a revolution in transportation work all over the world. But the wheel showed its real utility when  used in machines after the Industry Revolution in the 19th Century. Of course people had used wheels for centuries before that in their chariots and wagons. By the time Christ was on Earth, the Romans and other peoples(nota 1) before them used cars with wheels.
Along History wheels have been important to human beings in thousands of applications. There is even a citation in the Holy Bible saying that:” Ezequiel saw a wheel in the sky”,and UFO fans say maybe he saw a flying saucer.
 (see the page UFO)


Well, going back to wheels.

In the beginning, as far as we know, wheels were solid. Just slices cut out from logs. Of course they were very heavy and along the time men started to make slim wheels like those used in bicycles for example.
Today wheels are so usual that we don’t even notice they are there, except when we have a flat tire in our car…By the way a car has much more than 4 wheels. They are inside and outside the engine, in the electric motors and in our hands to drive. I’m talking about the steering wheel of course. And don’t forget the gears in the gearbox of your car, or the disk brakes so usual in today’s cars. See? Wheels everywhere!
You can see wheels in your home, in your work, on the streets or anywhere.
If you can’t see them you are not a good observer. Take a look around. You will see cars buses motorcycles and airplanes, all using wheels to run. And inside your home? Look at the liquefier, or the electric fan, or  the HD of your computer, or your analog watch, or a CD, or a Vinyl record  and…what do you see? Wheels, wheels, wheels everywhere. It seems it makes no difference how far technology goes, a wheel will be always necessary and present.

And now? Do you agree that the wheel is one of the most important inventions of all times?

Nota 1- Sabemos que "people" (pessoas) é o plural de "person"(pessoa), e não poderia portanto, ser escrito "peoples"
 que seria o plural do plural. Mas quando se trata de indicar os "povos do mundo", usa-se "peoples" com "s". ok?

Some words to help:(pronuncia aproximada)

Wheel (uil) = roda
Steam machine (stim maxine) = máquina a vapor
Loads (louds) = cargas
Industry Revolution (índâstri revoluxion) = Revolução Industrial
Holy Bible (ouli baibol)= Biblia Sagrada
Slices (islaicis)= fatias
Logs (lógs) = troncos, toras
Steering wheel (istirin uil)= volante de carro
At least (ét list)= pelo menos

Answer  with "True" or "False" according to the text.

1- The most important invention was the Steam Machine.

2- Before the wheel people used logs to move big loads.

3- Wheels became really important after the 19th Century.

4- The first wheels were very light.

5- In a car you will find only foour wheels.

6- Wheels are present in our daily life everywhere.

7- There are hundreds of sizes and shapes of wheels in the world today.

8- The Wheel is the most important invention ever made.