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MBA means "Master in Business Administration". 
MBA se diz: "eme - bi - ei". Veja a pagina

Many business people seek to improve their education by getting an MBA degree.
Many schools all over the world offer MBA courses. There are some different programs but, basicaly, an MBA course consists of studies about finance, accounting, management and entrepreneurship. To get to the highest level in many companies an MBA course can be decisive.
That's why every year more and more people enroll in an MBA course.
A tipical course will take from 1 to 2 years.  Veja a pagina
It Takes
Some programs require full time dedication, and others don't. What all of them have in common is that they all provide an opportunity to combine education improvement with real life job situations.
On the other hand, many people criticize these courses by saying they try to make everybody a Bill Gates "cover" or any other sucessful business man. Of course you will never be another guy. You are yourself. They block in the student the chance to develop his best qualities . They want everybody to think and behave the same way.
This can be a route to disaster - they say- because people, countries and companies are different. If instead of making of you a kind of someone else cover, they let you develop your skills , you'll certainly become a better administrator. Many people spend a lot of money, effort and time in a course that, on the long term, reveals itself as useless.

Differences apart, improving your education and skills will always be favorable to your career.
If you are interested in an MBA course, try a search on Google (or "google it" as they say now). You will find many courses in many schools with different prices and durations.
Just think about it. At your present situation in your company does it make sense taking an expensive course like this?
Will this course help you to grow in your career?
Are you in a hurry, or you have some time to study?
It won't be easy and even after you conclude your MBA there's absolutely no garantee it will help in anyway.
As many other things in life , you have to place a bet. Maybe you win, maybe not.
But if you don't take the risk you'll never know!
Do you agree?