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                                   Credibility: the new currency


In this 21st Century companies will be looking for leaders with more than just technical knowledge.
The new leader must be  a responsible person. You may say that this has been always important but there is something more. 
Just think about it: when they say "responsible person" it means someone whose private life must be crystal clear with nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Seems a bit difficult to find,doesn't it?
It is more and more demanded from new leaders to be a model of behavior. 
There's nothing more unmotivating than seeing the one who should be a guide behaving in an unscrupulous manner or saying things that offend people.
There's a demand of those in leadership positions to live their daily lives, their private and public lives in a distinguished manner.

Time is coming when every company will be seeking for "Real Leaders" , those who will lead with dignity and integrity to build a better future for both, the company and the people who work there.
In a single word: they will need people with credibility.
The only currency that will give a candidate a position will be Credibility.
Credibility of speech, credibility of thought, credibility of action, credibility of life example. Not only during office time but also in their private life. Is it becoming more difficult?
Thus when people working for a company are credible the company is credible too. One thing comes straight from the other.
People are getting tired of mistakes, not keeping time schedules or doing anything wrong like many companies still do.
They are kind of stupid because they are throwing in the garbage their precious customers.
Does it look impossible? Are you aware of what is going on around?
Pay attention because it is already beginning to happen.
Credibility is the leadership currency of the future and people non-credible will be out of working market, at least in leadership positions.
By the way, a military commander needs to be respected by his troop, and the best way to get that is to be a credible leader. 
Men will not obey a weak leader, someone they can't believe in.
In companies the process is about the same.
What about you?
Are you a credible person? If you are not, well, you can always change, can't you?

Note:this short article was motivated by some news found on the web
 Try if you like, a search about "credibility", you may find some interesting things.

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