Fundo Escuro
                                                                               Rabbits and Dinos                            
All over the word there are many huge companies being split into smaller branches. 
The smaller the company, the easier to manage and to control it. What seems to be obvious today wasn't so about 60 or 70 years ago. At that time companies were always trying to get bigger and bigger to become more powerful and safe. The main idea was something like- " The bigger the better". 
(De uma olhada na página Adjectives)
On one hand it was truth, because a huge company was like a dinosaur. Extremely big, strong and powerful and nobody would dare to challenge or to threat its power and market control. 
They smashed many smaller competitors just by their capability of investment, in other words, a big company could wait 2 years before starting to make profit from a product,but a small one couldn't. 
But as time went by they became precisely like dinos. A huge body and a small brain, that is, the company grew up but the administrative board didn't. The decision making was slow and took too much time face a fast changing and growing market. 
On the other hand a smaller company was like a rabbit. Easy to control and far more able to adapt itself to the new and fast growing market. Decision making was fast because it was made  in terms of local need and not "global vision". 
So they are like rabbits, not so strong but extremely fast to react running faster than a dinosaur and taking more and more slices of consumer market. 
The dinos were slow but not stupid. When they realized the truth they started to divide huge companies in smaller branches with a bigger degree of independence in decision making, according to local needs.
Evolution is this. Dinosaurs becoming small like rabbits to survive.
Now they are taking advantage of being faster and smarter.

What about the company you work for?
Is it a dinosaur or a rabbit?

                     Remember that both conditions have positive and negative points.
                     Anyway, it seems rabbits are here to stay - for a while at least -  together with dinos.

                     The future? We don't know. If you find out just let us know,ok?