Fundo Escuro
The Language of Finance

Nota: se você não entender alguma das palavras usadas, sugerimos uma consulta ao dicionário, uma vez que de modo geral, quem se interessa por este tipo de assunto já tem um bom domínio do inglês, certo?
Lembre-se que a maioria destas palavras
(mostradas em azul) esta empregada aqui em sentido figurado.

·When things go up you can talk about an advance , a climb , a hike, an increase or a rise


· Similarly , you can say that stock prices have advanced , climbed , increased , risen or gaine ground


· If they are going up slightly after a rough period you could  say that prices are picking up , turning up , edging up ,edging higher , edging ahead , firming , recovering or strengthening
In other words there has been a pick-up ,a turn-up , upswing or a recovery


· If they go up quickly and substantially , you might say they have jumped , roared ahead , roared up ,  shot ahead , shot up ,  soared , or surged .


· If they can't go any further they are peaking . So if you describe the top price of your company shares last year , you might say that share prices peaked at 75 dollars a unit , 20 dollars up from their top market price the previous year "


· When prices or wages go down , you can describe this movement as a decline , drop , fall , retreat or slide


· Again you could say for example , that interest rates are declining , dropping , falling , retreating , sliding , slipping or rather more colorfully , heading south or losing ground


· If the fall is only slight  you might talk about a downswing , downturn , turndown , or slowdown
This means that prices are
dipping , drifting ( lower) edging down


· If the fall is dramatic you can say that prices have dived ,nose-dived , plummeted , plunged or tumbled.
Perhaps you are expecting a crash , collapse or slump

Botton Line


  The company assets are intangible (good will) , current (cash) , fixed (land or furniture ).

Assets which lose their value as time passes can be
depreciated or amortized by a certain sum every year . The company's assets are offset by its liabilities  - all the expenses it has incurred over the financial year . The difference between the two is your taxable profit .

If you're not happy with the final result , the bottom line - that is , if you think your taxable profit is too high -  you may ask your accountant , or tax consultant  to
massage the profits a little and do some creative accounting - or even to cook the books ! 


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