GET exercises

Translate these sentences into Portuguese
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1- A man knows he is getting old when a 18 year old girl calls him "uncle"

2 - Try always to get the best from everything,even from the troubles

3- I'll get you some aspirin to help you to get over from that terrible flu

4- Get up early.Get to work on foot.This will get you in shape.

5- Face the problems.Don't get back.Get ahead and get along

6- I have to go now.I can't get home late.

Quero dar uma olhada em GET

7- Did you get along with your English this week?

8- A man can't get away from problems getting drunk.

9- Get the problems in a corner and smash them.

10-Did you get it?- asked the teacher- nobody got up to answer.

11- We'll be leaving at any moment.Get ready!

12-Don't bother me!Get off my back!Leave me alone!Get lost!

13-Get smart with the word"get" or it will get you some problems!

14-Get all information about your work.It's the best way to get through problems.

14-Work hard.Work right.You will get rid of headaches.

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