Fundo Escuro


Adjectives Gerund and ING form Opposites Quantifiers Take expressions
Adverbs Get expressions Passive Voice Que significa traduzir? Tempos Verbais(todos)
American / British Had Better Past Perfect Question Tag To or For?
Articles(a,an,the) Homophonous Phrasal Verbs Regencia Verbal Verb Can
Asking Questions Irregular Verbs Plural Relative Pronouns Verb Have
Conditionals It Takes Plural 2 Reported Speech Verb Have Expressions
Countable/Uncountable Keep It Prepositions Say-Tell-Speak-Talk Verb To Be
Do or Make? Lay or Lie? Simple Past or Pres. Perfect? Special Words
Every Day Expressions Look Like Pronouns Silent Letterts 
Expressões Idiomaticas Masculine/Feminine Pronouns 2 Sufixos Verbais
Falsos Cognatos Modal Verbs(can,may) Synomys and Antonyms