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Are you usually on time for your appointments?
When you are on time for a compromise, you show you care about the person you are going to meet. You show you respect the other person's time and commitment. 
When you are late for an appointment you are saying, by your actions, that your time is more important and valuable than the other person’s time.
Being punctual tells something about your personality.
It says:”I keep my word and compromises”. 
When you promise to be somewhere at a given time, your punctuality shows that you keep your promises,in other words, people can count on you.
On the other hand, if you are conducting a meeting, or any other collective event, you should start it on time, no matter who is present. This is a sign of respect for those who made an effort to arrive on time.
Today, with our lives more and more accelerated, being on time is not a virtue anymore.
It is a necessity, or should we say, a survival tool in a more and more competitive world.
Remember that if you have other compromises you are not the only one who does.
Nowadays most companies are looking for reliable people. It seems that in this 21st century trustfulness, reliability, responsibility and commitment are the most valuable characteristics to get o good job in a good company.
But your reputation of being reliable, doesn't come for free. It takes a long time to be recognized as a trustful person, and you have to practice it day by day because it's very easy to destroy a reputation that took years to build, just by losing appointments and making other people wait for you again and again.
Respect other people’s time, and they will respect yours, or at least they should do it.
Even if other people don't usually keep their schedule, you should keep yours.
This will give you a reputation of being responsible and reliable.
And, you know, it is easier to do business with people you belive, isn't it?

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